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Casserole de relic • Zapiekanka resztkowa

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Fancy dishes? Not for me. I prefer cooking cheap, fast, not bothersome and with the supplies already available. Preferably remains from yesterday dinner.

À propos: do you know, how to make a Fibonacci's salad? You take remains of yesterday's salad and mix it with remains of a day before yesterday's salad. Tastes best served every day. Kind of a geek food.

Yes, that is the kind of mu kitchen. Also, I love to improvise. I do not make any dish twice. So, this way comes my the only one: casserole de relic.

• Potatoes remained from yesterday dinner.
• Some cheese, not used for sandwiches.
• Some slices of fat bacon, may be any sausage instead (preferably fat).
• Decompleted instant soup from bag (someone took seasonings): pasta and flavouring oil.
• Some boiling water.

zapiekanka • casserole

• A bowl.
• A strainer (must fit into bowl).
• A frying-pan (teflon).
• A knife and/or cheese-slicer (preferably with Opera logo).

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