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Casserole de relic • Zapiekanka resztkowa

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Fancy dishes? Not for me. I prefer cooking cheap, fast, not bothersome and with the supplies already available. Preferably remains from yesterday dinner.

À propos: do you know, how to make a Fibonacci's salad? You take remains of yesterday's salad and mix it with remains of a day before yesterday's salad. Tastes best served every day. Kind of a geek food.

Yes, that is the kind of mu kitchen. Also, I love to improvise. I do not make any dish twice. So, this way comes my the only one: casserole de relic.

• Potatoes remained from yesterday dinner.
• Some cheese, not used for sandwiches.
• Some slices of fat bacon, may be any sausage instead (preferably fat).
• Decompleted instant soup from bag (someone took seasonings): pasta and flavouring oil.
• Some boiling water.

zapiekanka • casserole

• A bowl.
• A strainer (must fit into bowl).
• A frying-pan (teflon).
• A knife and/or cheese-slicer (preferably with Opera logo).

         Detailed recipe:

Put pasta into strainer, put the set into bowl, pour boiling water.
Keep until pasta gets soft, then drain it off.

zapiekanka • casserole

zapiekanka • casserole

Get the frying-pan warm and start to arrange a casserole. Cut potatoes to slices and put a layer in frying-pan. Put another layer of bacon (preferably cut to smaller pieces). Then again: a layer of potatoes and a layer of bacon or sausage. You may mix in anything you want: tomatoes, onion, a meat, spices, et caetera. The only limit is your stomach capacity and a height of the pan.

zapiekanka • casserole

zapiekanka • casserole

Make another layer of pasta and apply flavouring oil from instant soup. Put the cheese (cut to slices, cheese slicer with Opera logo works best!) on the very top. Cover the pan up and fry for some time.

zapiekanka • casserole

A teflon pan and a fat from becon or sausage give you a comfort of not being concerned about the dish. Just leave it alone on cooker for some time. Depends on the cooker (gas/electric) it may be generally from five to max fifteen minutes. If you forget it and keep it on gas longer, nothing will happen, only the potatoes will be more crunchy.

Oh, yes, the most important thing! When finished, put the casserole on plate and have it for your meal.

zapiekanka • casserole

zapiekanka • casserole

Disclaimer: the casserole has been tested, tasted and approved by me and my grandma.
The recipe is my entry for My Opera Blog Challenge: Cooking.


The contest has been finished. Here are all submissions and the winner is Violetisha from Mexico.

The Polish version of my recipe / Polska wersja tego przepisu.

O kreatywności przymusowej…a garb ci sam wyrośnie


Sami Serolaserola niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010 13:46:09

Violeta Rosalesvioletisha niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010 18:35:11


I love pasta, so i definitely gonna make it next week. smile

DavidSchalandra niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010 20:03:49

A meal with style, very coder friendly... and includes Fibonacci. What's not to love about it?! happy

Niezarejestrowany użytkownik niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010 20:48:47 writes: mniam! To się nazywa prawdziwa kreatywność!

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